Weed Control !!

I’ve had a real battle with invasive weed species this year, Balsam, thistle and hogweed being the main culprits.

Spraying and topping is the best method but fifteen acres of pasture is a big area to keep cut, the sheep were a big help this year.
The main things we concentrate on are the paths around the estate that the mill guests use for long wildlife walks around Hutton.


Teaching technique

We’ve had as ever a few parties of guests wanting to learn how to cast a fly rod this year.

I obliged, and after the first day all of them were able to get the fly out on the water with success, well done!

If you’d be interested in learning to fly fish please just contact the office, I am a registered instructor and could certainly oblige.

Salmon fly2

Fun in the sun

Well at last we had a few nice days.
The Mill has been busy with guests and particularly guests’ children making the most of the weather.

Inflatables in the river to cool off, football pitch in front of the mill and badminton on the lawn !

Laughs and enjoyment all round.

On the Roads

Recent rains and tractors using the entrance gravel road have resulted in a few holes and bumps appearing along the drive. Thankfully we have our own JCB which can make life a lot easier scraping, pulling, lifting and digging.

Unfortunately it looks like we are going to have no goslings this year, the geese seem to have abandoned the nest box. Sad

Cutting back tidy

We’ve spent quite a few days clearing plastic tubes off the trees I planted about five years ago now they are up to height and ready.
It takes time especially when you realise you planted in the region of fifteen hundred!

We’ve also had some fish caught the last couple of months but in truth the river is quiet