Timberrrrr !!

While on my travels down to the lower mill I noticed two decent size trees had fallen, so out came the saw.

Of course then I walked the road leading to the lower mill and decided more tree work and trimming needed doing.
It’s never the cutting of trees that’s the problem it’s the amount of clearing that has to be done, but it’s now done and we have a nice big pile of firewood for the mill.
Come and enjoy it!


Twinkle Twinkle

Christmas here again, although outside it doesn’t feel like Christmas with the mild damp weather.

Inside the mill its all go.
Three trees
πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„to go up with a multitude of lights and various decorations around the house make it feel like a tasteful home from home for our annual Christmas and new year guests.
Well that’s what they always tell me.

Last Cuts

A warmish October meant grass cutting all the way into November, but I’ve just completed what I hope is the last grass cut for this year.
The gardens have all been cut back and tidied too, in fact cutting and tidying is the order of the day for the next couple of months as we’ve started on yearly tree cutting and trimming too.

Where are the Fish?

Where are all the fish?

It’s really quite worrying the number of fish I haven’t seen in the river this season, The water heights have not been ideal but I do get the feeling there’s being a distant lack of salmon coming up the river.
My hope is it’s just a blip and the fish return next season.

Every 5th year after bad winter floods this can sometimes happen.

Weed Control !!

I’ve had a real battle with invasive weed species this year, Balsam, thistle and hogweed being the main culprits.

Spraying and topping is the best method but fifteen acres of pasture is a big area to keep cut, the sheep were a big help this year.
The main things we concentrate on are the paths around the estate that the mill guests use for long wildlife walks around Hutton.