Salmon soon perhaps...

The salmon fishing has not really got going as yet with only the occasional spate the river has being falling steadily.


Going to do first grass cut shortly and away we go!

Bookings and Paint!

Bookings are starting to come in now for the mill and it’s filling up fast, great news, we love to see you.

We do very little advertising because it really does sell itself as anybody who has been to the Mill will tell you.

So I will be busy next few wet days decorating, it really is like the proverbial painting of the Forth Road Bridge. ( I read somewhere they have longer lasting paint now.... Must get some! )


Getting ready... for what the Summer Brings

Lots of tidying up and cutting back to be done ready for hopefully a nice summer we must be due one now surely.

David is no longer here after retiring in October so grass cutting and garden will be higher on my priorities this year.

Timberrrrr !!

While on my travels down to the lower mill I noticed two decent size trees had fallen, so out came the saw.

Of course then I walked the road leading to the lower mill and decided more tree work and trimming needed doing.
It’s never the cutting of trees that’s the problem it’s the amount of clearing that has to be done, but it’s now done and we have a nice big pile of firewood for the mill.
Come and enjoy it!


Twinkle Twinkle

Christmas here again, although outside it doesn’t feel like Christmas with the mild damp weather.

Inside the mill its all go.
Three trees
🎄🎄🎄to go up with a multitude of lights and various decorations around the house make it feel like a tasteful home from home for our annual Christmas and new year guests.
Well that’s what they always tell me.