Salmon on !! come get some Happy

The salmon fishing season has begun again let's hope for a better season than last year.

There has been a good uptake in syndicate rods but I do still have 2 available if interested.

Please contact the office for details.

I know I work here but I honestly couldn't think of a more picturesque place to visit or fish.

Rain rain rain

Well, Moses managed to hold back the water but I am obviously not made of the same stuff and had no chance.

In the middle of the month 36 hours of rainfall culminated in around about 16ft ( 5m in new money) rise in the river. This in turn  put 4” to 5" of river water inside the games room.

Having been here before, I'd lifted everything thankfully and had it cleaned and dried in a couple of days.

Christmas already???

Christmas decorations all up and done ready for our annual guests - like friends coming home!

Christmas does seem to come round awfully fast at the moment, feels like a time lapse video at times as the seasons come and go.

Well the water arrived......

Be careful what you wish for I said to myself as I cleaned the silt out of the fishing hut.

Remember what I said about waiting for water?... It arrived.

We had a massive rise of water at the beginning of the month which has all but washed the fishermen off for most of the rest of it, thankfully the barrier I built in the Mill lade helped stop it getting in the games room.

Call me Renoir...

October can allow me a few days in the Mill to catch up on decorating after a busy Summer.

We have has some great guests and as much as parents try, children have a lovely habit of running around with hands on the walls - hopefully they are not clutching a pencil at the same time.

Still waiting for some water in the river as I write.