Dolphins!! 🐬🐬🐬🐬

I’ve had a great big tidy up - it’s staggering how things accumulate over time and when you have so much storage. It’s way to keep things but much has gone now.
The people in the mill have being watching the dolphins in the harbour the warm temperatures have brought a pod close into the mouth of the river quite a tourist attraction.

The place to be

Again the weather takes centre stage what a place to be on holiday when it’s like this, it’s got to be nice when I’m having to change the gas bottle on the BBQ.🌝 🌝

Grass cutting taking up plenty of time but what a difference with my new cutter, walking everywhere with the dogs following and burning in the sun what a life!

Gardening in shorts...

This seems to be becoming a bit of a mini heatwave. 🌝 🌝 Not often the weather forecast is correct but the recent ones certainly have been.
The mill is busy and bookings good, the gardens blossoming but the weeds are coming thick and fast too so a day a week in spent in the garden alone now, at least I can wear my shorts

Good for us, not for fish

Well May started with some really nice warm days, this was the time I used to start putting hundreds of pen sections for the start of the pheasant rearing season, thankfully just a distant memory now. Plenty of other things to keep me occupied!

The dry weather still not helping with the fishing unfortunately.

Salmon soon perhaps...

The salmon fishing has not really got going as yet with only the occasional spate the river has being falling steadily.


Going to do first grass cut shortly and away we go!