Weather Obsession

“Summer” someone shouted the other day, ‘don't bet on it !’ I shouted back.

I must admit the last few days seem to have being nice, sunny and warm - ( I said that very quietly….).

Just looking back through my previous blogs, maybe you can notice a theme? Yes.. weather.
Maybe it looks as if I'm obsessed with it but for anybody that has livestock to look after it’s all important and can be crucial to a good shooting season.

Perhaps you think , ‘well surely it doesn't do any harm for the fishing’ but you would be wrong.
A river that has being rising and falling two and three times a week is very unsettling for the salmon as quite a few of our rods have discovered this last month.

While out feeding pheasants this last week or two I've seen an abundance of wildlife. Roe deer seem to be everywhere, many have this years fawns with them; they are lovely to see and any spilled wheat is quickly cleaned up by them. I've spotted the otters a few times too, fishing outside the mill and one of the badgers has taken to sitting by the mill stone on most mornings, quickly making a run for it when he sees me heading up there.