Balmy Days

Am I dreaming? I really can't remember a spell of weather like this since the first year I reared pheasants back in 2002.

Windows of the sheds are open, gas heat is turned down - I think I'm in pheasant rearing heaven.

Joy and pain as they say, the pheasants are having the joy but the salmon fishing is receiving the pain, with no rainfall, (I did say that very quietly): the river is the lowest I've seen it in years. In consequence we have so far only caught 3 fish for the whole season. By recent years it’s very poor but no water makes it very difficult for fish to navigate this system from its junction with the mighty Tweed.
So on one hand I'm very pleased on the other I have a feeling of sorrow for my fishing syndicate.

You can please the gillie/gamekeeper sometimes, but not ever all the time. ( Funny Breed - Ed)