Lots of Shots

Well the first three shooting days have now passed and yes we've fired lots of shots! A ratio of 9 to 1 at this moment in time.
Now those of you that shoot may be thinking that's a lot of shots; but any of you that have shot here will know that's about average, the birds have been very high, very fast and very,very testing.

The guns all tell me they have enjoyed their day and at times have been humbled by the quality of the birds put over them.
My only concern is the lack of game cover at the top of the banks; no crops were planted because the ground was so wet, this may prove to be a real problem as the natural cover dies back - but nothing we can do now.

On the estate we have been busy clearing trees, with soft ground and steep banks the trees struggle to hold on so more planting in the spring methinks.
Trees are a constant up keep, I have now planted upwards of 4000 trees since coming to work at Hutton Mill and the work to improve the tree development on the estate will continue.