first shoot and new chicks

First Shoot

With the first shoot of the season at the very beginning of next month, this month is all about organising.
Beaters, shooters, vehicles, dogs and food:- everything has to be ready to go when that first day comes.

Believe you me there is an awful lot to organise if shoot days are to run smooth, I hope I've got all my preparation done.

The water is still low but the forecast indicates we may get rain and with it a rise of water to hopefully see some fish being caught at last.

I've hatched some Guinea fowl chicks from eggs off the current flock of birds that roam around the estate, 28 chicks in total so my rearing season will be extended by the looks of it.

Late bookings in the mill have seen a last minute flourish so that has been really great , good weather always seems to make people find a few extra days for a break so let's hope it continues.