Record catch of Salmon

I've just returned our annual salmon catches to the Tweed Commissioners and we have had a record catch of salmon for the season:- 81 fish in total.

High rainfall, plenty of water and more rod hours were the factors which caused this to happen.
Its been good to see the syndicate fishing the water on a more regular basis, all the years I've salmon fished I've realised one thing:-

You have to be a very lucky fisherman or a very wealthy fisherman if you are going to catch more fish than the fisherman that puts time in and keeps his fly on the water.

On the shoot my fears about not having cover crops planted to hold my pheasants are coming home to roost, ( rather more than some of the birds!). Numbers on our last shoot were down.
As a keeper it's always a concern about you're pheasants wandering but when the weather has almost continually been wet it's a battle any keeper finds hard to win.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we may see dry cool temperatures before our next shoot day so these birds have to come back for food, here's hoping.