If you have pleasure…..

If you have pleasure the pain will follow

I've just completed the  return forms for the fishing at Hutton Mill for this year and it was a disappointing season compared to the recent ones.
The good dry spring and summer were fantastic for my pheasants but unfortunately that meant a lack of water for the river, hence the salmon run was very poor. I think the first big rise of water that we had took all the fish through our beat extremely quickly after they had waited months at the bottom of the Whiteadder system.
I know it was a disappointment for the new fishing syndicate members but they are all experienced fishermen and realise we can never control the weather or indeed the numbers of salmon in the system and I hope to see most of the syndicate again this coming season.

The mill remains really quite busy, if I had a penny for every new guest that has walked through the door and said "Wow it is beautiful, the pictures on the Internet don't do it justice" well I'd have at least a pound now. It's very difficult to give an indication of the size and space of the place, short of putting square footage down which means very little to most people. I think we are going to have more pictures on our site shortly so watch this space!