Bang we are Off!

Yes bang we are off, start of the shooting season is here. It seems two minutes since I was erecting the rearing field now we are only a couple of weeks away from the first party of guns arriving at Hutton Mill.
My first party of guns shoot here at Hutton three times a season so I can only assume we are doing something right on the shoot, as for all our other guns this season all except one party are returning once again to shoot with us.

We are still experiencing heavy days of rain which makes getting about with feed slippery and difficult - certainly doesn't help the sore back I'm suffering from at the moment, I know very few keepers that don't suffer with their back at this time of year.
This rain has kept the fish coming up the river and the anglers that have ventured out are seeing good sport. Sink tips and small long tailed tubes seem to be working well.

Well I'm away to put more feed out ! I think I will wear my football boots see if I can get some grip, it's about the only use they will get these days, (although I’m not officially retired from the game).

Jack of, (most) Trades

Call me Jack

The Mill games room has been finished and is back to its best.
It's taken time but I'm sure when people visit, they will understand why.
Im kind of the Jack of all trades at the Mill, ( master of most may I add ). Joiner, plumber, decorator and slater so it sometimes takes a little longer but I give it a fair crack.
We have a lovely new tiled floor, new pool table, dart board and table tennis table plus a 42" tv for the play station and Xbox so yes I would say its an improvement.

My pheasants are coming on well and coping with the now almost obligatory downpour at least once a week.
The river is up and down faster than a kid on a trampoline , it is very rarely settled though we are still catching fish.
It’s October so we will she what she brings

Try stay Upright!

Well that's the last of my customer’s birds gone to their new home, my birds are all out in their pens. Barring Mr Fox getting in and causing havoc they will be fine and now the biggest challenge for me is trying to stay upright whilst out filling feeders on the banks.
Anybody who has being to Hutton Mill knows how steep the banks are, times that by mud up to your ankles and a 25kg bag of wheat on your shoulder and that usually equals muddy backside for me. This might be the only time to give me an excuse to put my football boots back on to maybe help me stay upright.

The mill has being fairly well occupied,though the weathers’ not been too kind people seem to be making the most of what the area has to offer.
When I read the visitors book it makes you realise how much Northumberland and Scottish borders really does have for visitors to enjoy.
On the salmon fishing front we have nearly equalled last years catches with still three months to go, so who knows what total we may finish with.

Thats all from me I'm going to find my football boots, polished as they always were!