Owl, swifts,fly catchers and blackbirds

Hot, hot, hotter.

This valley is a real sun trap in this weather as anyone who sits on the decking at the mill will tell you.

Late bookings to stay at the mill have been very good, I don't think the BBQ has seen as much use as this in years, lets hope for this weather every year ha! - if only.

Pheasants look good, almost ready to leave. My birds are out and already a tawny owl had a nice feast on some of my flock the first night out but that's the way it goes. Not at all nice to find a line of birds killed and not even eaten.

I've had a tremendous amounts of grass cutting to do with the sunshine and a few showers, great for us and better for grass! The new cutter I have for the back of the quad has been a God send.

The kestrel I saw the other day feeding youngsters looked fantastic, I've had swifts,fly catchers and blackbirds all take advantage of my open shed to produce at least one if not two broods of chicks, always love to see them fly out for the first time - some needing a little help and the thanks their mother gave me:- a dive bomb on my shoulder, don't worry it will wash out.