A "W" Christmas!!

It's "W" Christmas alright "W" for wet that is.Its been one weather front after another passing through us at the moment, rain and gale force winds at times - knowing much of the country is suffering the same is no consolation!
My partridge had a premature release when one night their pen was smashed up like balsa wood, but they are doing fine and enjoying their freedom.
We are now well on with the shooting season, so far we have been lucky apart from one day with the rain and winds. Both aspects of the recent weather have a dramatic effect on shoot days, the birds get soaked and don't want to fly and strong winds make them fly down low.
In between shoot days I have been in the mill putting up Christmas trees and decorations ready for the guests.

Christmas and new year are most usually booked well ahead - the peace and solitude away from the mayhem is a great attraction and I know I live here but I totally agree with our guests!

A happy Christmas and a good New Year to you all !