it's Dry???

DRY? …. yes it's being dry for quite a few days, although the Wellington boots aren't being put away just yet and the shorts can stay in the drawer a little longer.
It’s been great to be able at last to get in the fields with the fork lift and finally lift my pheasant sheds without turning the field into a muddy mess. What a job of cleaning I've got ahead, I can now carry out repairs as well and it won't be long until they are going back out again - years roll around fast in this game.

On the flip side of dry weather is the fact that the river is very low and as a consequence very few salmon seem to be evident in our beat, we have had only one spring fish up to date. The gamekeeper in me is happy but the ghillie in me is not, don't think I can win that one ! Happy

Bookings in the mill seem to be quite healthy so it means I need to take any opportunity I can to get inside and decorate and repair and replace.

Well I'm away to make the most of this dry but bl***y freezing March day.