another Ark story…and some tough birds

I woke one morning toward the end this month to find an indoor pool had been added to the mill - before all our past and future visitors to Hutton Mill get too excited, no I'm afraid this wasn’t a new leisure facility we have added and it was definitely not heated.

Twenty four hours earlier heavy rain started to fall and fall and fall - culminating in a river height of 11ft which gave us 4ft of water inside the games room. As much as possible was saved but some damage was caused, I have managed to clean and dry the room out enough to be used minimising the disruption caused to our young, (and some of our older) visitors. I’m sure it will be back to normal next few weeks.

I really am hoping that was the final cherry on my rain cake for this year but the way it's shaping up I'm none too sure.

If the boss asks me which birds I would like to rear next year, the answer will be ducks and geese as I'm sure they were smiling the other day when the heavens opened. It looked as if they were saying "that all ya’ got?! Bring it on, mud no bother, rain no bother, hail and snow no bother; yes they really are tough birds.