Basking in Sunshine

Basking in Sunshine.

Basking in the sunshine? You must be kidding; on any game farm August is a busy, busy month.

Although my birds are out on the shoot now is the time for my customers to receive their birds.

So it's some early morning starts, ( not that is any different for me ) catching birds, crating them up and getting them out to various shoots. Stress, ( the birds) can be the biggest killer on catching up days so we try to keep everything as quiet as possible and be quick and efficient. It has never been for the faint hearted going into the shelters with hundreds of birds flying everywhere and I've seen some bad cuts caused by the pheasants over the years.

The warm weather continues hence the water is so low a pair of ankle boots would see you across the river with dry feet on the other side. In consequence, fishing has been poor this season so far, very few people have been out even trying to catch a salmon.

I think the one thing that has seen more action this year more than any other is the barbaque ! The aroma of cooking (sometimes burning ) food seem to be constantly wafting past my house every night.

Well I'm away to get the plasters out before I head back down to the rearing field I will keep my fingers crossed